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American Music Awards

3 Time Winners Of The Native American Music Awards

Best Blues Recording

“All Our Relations”

Best Music Video For Live Performance

“Children On The Rez”

Best Blues Video

“Pray For Our Planet”

Official Selection Santa Fe Film Festival
Title Official Selection 10th Music Film Festival
Best Cinematography Universe Multicultural Film Festival
Official Selection SR Socially Relevant Film Festival
Los Alamos Film & Culture Film Festival
Sacred Flowers Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women poster

In July 2021, while heading to Las Vegas with the band Bonnie and Karon were sharing ideas for a song about the MMIW. Many people and projects address the injustice of it all. Their intention was to humanize MMIW by writing a ballad for the families left behind – their sorrow – the not knowing – and their unending grief. 
* Lyrics by Bonnie Mata and Karon Altman

Oh Great Warrior Album Front Cover
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Oh Great Warrior!
Self produced
This analog recording at Cherokee Studios in Hollywood reveals the intensity and passion of the Native American Blue Mountain Tribe band. Authenticity rises to the forefront as Chiricahua Apache father and son Robin (vocals and harp) and Caleb (guitar) Hairston formed Blue Mountain Tribe which includes Jeff “Cooper Hawk” Cooper, a Cherokee, on bass with Pat Mata, a YTT Northern Chumash-Yokuts, on drums. Robin revealed to me, “One day I was driving home from work and the sun broke through the clouds. The mountain where I lived turned to a blue color because of the sun’s rays and the blue clouds. It was so beautiful. Then it hit me, ‘Blue Mountain Tribe’ is going to be our name. I added Tribe to honor all the Native Nations.”

The ten songs showcase the blues/rock guitar work of Caleb while Jeff and Pat punch out the steady and enhancing backbeat. Bruce Robb adds the flavor of a B3 organ on seven of the tunes. Steven Rushingwind’s Native American flute soothes us on the two of the outstanding tracks: “Serenity” and “Sacred Flowers.” Father and son wrote eight of the songs with Jeff penning one and the CD closes with “Sacred Flowers,” an ethereal song written by Karon Altman and Bonnie Mata.

Oh Great Warrior! charges open with the identifying tune, “Children of the Rez” which introduces the listener to the enjoyable talent of Caleb’s guitar as his Dad propels the vocals along with his harp. Each of the ten songs weave a theme with the admonition of “You Better Watch Yourself” (I have my eyes on you!) which adds pleasing background vocals by Eliza James and Jim Wilson. Jim also deftly adds slide and guitar to several cuts. The aforementioned “Serenity” is a lovely softly played song with gentle voices that fully captures the title of this tune with the Native American Flute dancing around in its peaceful mood. The title song pays a rousing shout out to their Native American heritage with lines like, “Oh Great Warrior, can’t you hear my cry?” Ending with “Serenity,” the CD softly closes out with chants, Native American flute and a lovely acoustic accompaniment to Robin’s most passionate vocal on the recording. The mighty sounds of a raptor can also be heard in the background.

Blue Mountain Tribe showcases the blues/rock talent of a Native American Band that should impress musicians of all Native Nations to join them in showcasing their own talents. “From the acorn doth grow the mighty oak.” Blue Mountain Tribe’s musical acorn should grow mighty as well.

–Pete Sardon

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Vancouver Independent Film Festival Best Music Video
Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival
3 International Activism Film Festival
Latino And Native American Film Festival
San Francisco Arthouse Shor Festival
Toronto Film And Script Awards

Pray For Our Planet

Blue Mountain Tribe

Three years ago our Planet was going through Havoc with Covid and all the riots going on in our cities and the destruction of our Native Sacred sites. I received a memo from Chief Arvol Looking Horse asking if I could write a song about what was going on throughout our Planet. Chief Arvol Looking Hose is the most respected Chief in our Nation. I went outside with my note pad, Closed my eyes and asked the Creator for guidance in writing the song. It was incredible, I wrote the whole song in one hour where before it took me weeks to write a song. Pray for our Planet has been played all over our country and won best blues video of the year.