Bu Mountain Tribe performing to a crowd in Tehachapi
Bu Mountain Tribe performing to a crowd in Tehachapi


Blue Mountain Tribe


  • We are 3 time winners of the Native American Music Awards.
  • We have won 6 Film Festival awards.
  • We have been rated #11 of the all time Best Native American Bands.
  • We have been in several Newspapers with many interviews.
  • We are in 2 Major magazines Blues Matters and Native Hoop.
  • We have been on several Radio Stations including BB Kings Bluesville
    and 88.1 KJAZZ.
  • We have performed at 6 Major corporate events at Casinos in Las Vegas. We performed at the LA SkinFest.
  • We have been on TV News Stations 3 times.
  • In 2023 We performed at the Gathering of the Nations in Albuquerque New Mexico. This is the biggest Pow Wow in the Nation.
  • We performed at the Petroglyph Festival in Ridgecrest Ca.
  • We performed at the Victorville Fall Festival.
  • We have performed at the Sacramento State Fair, Kern County Fair and the Fresno County Fair.
  • We were the Headliner band at the Salsa Festival in Sacramento Ca.
  • We have played for the Native American Heritage Days at
    Edwards Air Force Base.
  • We recorded our 1st album “All Our Relations” at Studio City Sound.
  • We recorded our 2nd album at the World Famous Cherokee Studios.


“It’s all about raising awareness, helping others, and making the world a better place”

Back in the mid-2000s in Tehachapi, California, father and son duo Robin and Caleb Hairston set out to create an all-Native American blues and rock band—and that’s exactly what they did.

As a “band of brothers,” the Blue Mountain Tribe began creating original songs focused on Native American experiences, and they instantly became a hit.

Since its formation, the band has received numerous accolades. The song “Pray for Our Planet” alone has earned significant global achievements. Written in the wake of COVID-19 after the highly-respected Chief Arvol Looking Horse asked Blue Mountain Tribe to pray for healing, the song has won Best Music Video at the INDO French International Film Festival, the Latino and Native American Film Festival, and the Las Vegas Film Festival. 

Blue Mountain Tribe continues to produce award-winning music, but their mission isn’t about garnering wealth and fame. It’s all about raising awareness, helping others, and making the world a better place. Conveying themes of inspiration and love but also pain and rage, the band’s songs represent not just each member’s own Indigenous heritage but all 500+ original Nations.

Each Blue Mountain Tribe member has their own talents and experiences but, with a shared passion for protecting Indigenous peoples, always maintain a collaborative and communal spirit when creating music. The result? Songs that channel justified anger and frustration into a message of hope.

Caleb Hairston, Lead Guitar, Chiricahua Apache

“We’re calling people to hold on to hope and look to the creator for guidance”

Blue Mountain Tribe co-founder and lead guitarist, Caleb has always had a natural talent for the guitar. At around 12 years old, Caleb struggled at school with ADHD, but rather than medicate himself to overcome his learning disability, he picked up an instrument. More specifically, he picked up a guitar and was immediately able to repeat riffs by ear. Recognizing his knack for music, his parents got him into classes, and his talent and love for rock n’ roll grew from there. 

Today, Caleb brings a heavy-rock sound to the Blue Mountain Tribe’s music, with some of his top influences including Metallica, Black Sabbath, Jimmy Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. On top of being a gifted guitarist, Caleb is responsible for producing much of the band’s music, including the debut album.

Robin Hairston, Harmonica, Lead Vocals,
Chiricahua Apache

“This whole thing about Blue Mountain Tribe is a spiritual inspiration on what Blue Mountain Tribe is doing”

Robin, the band’s co-founder, lead vocalist, and harmonica player, is determined to take Blue Mountain Tribe to the top and spread messages of love and understanding to the world.

Robin’s passion for music all began years ago at a bus top, where he heard the most beautiful harmonica playing he’s heard to this date. While he immediately developed a love for the instrument, but he never really like his voice.
However, after the band went through 10 vocalists, Robin decided to take the helm and work on becoming the skilled singer he is today.

Throughout his entire musical journey, his driving force has been the final words of his late mother: “I know you’re gonna be somebody special in the music world. Don’t knock on doors, kick the sons of bitches in.”

Pat Mata, Drums, YTT Northern Chumash-Yokuts

“As a band we try to stay relevant to issues and to be spiritually connected in our world”

When it comes to how he got started on the drums, Pat has his persistence, curiosity, and his brother to thank. When he was 16, Pat would watch his older brother’s band perform, and he never missed a chance to sneak on stage and practice on the drums while the band was on break.

Since then, Pat has explored other instruments, but drums have always been his biggest stress reliever. Plus, he’s always had a good ear for their sound. Today, Pat calls himself a “pocket drummer,” preferring simple yet impactful drumming styles over anything fancy and over the top.

While he might be behind the drumset, Pat is anything but hidden. On top of his talent and passion for drumming, Pat is a primary composer and the lead vocalist on a handful of soon-to-be-released songs. 

Jeff “Cooper Hawk” Cooper, Bass, Cherokee,

Jeff may be Blue Mountain Tribe’s bass player, but he’s really a jack of all trades, or in this case, instruments. As a little kid, he picked up a guitar from a garage sale and, when he wasn’t at his piano lessons, taught himself how to play. He could also be found rocking out on the drums.

Later on, Jeff taught himself how to play the bass due to a high demand for players, and while bassist is his primary role in Blue Mountain Tribe, he describes himself as a “utility player,” always ready to jump on vocals or take his turn on the drums.

Whether showing off his skills on bass, guitar, or drums, Jeff is just happy to be playing music, showing respect and appreciation for other Nations, and bringing people back to a place of love and understanding.